The show must go on…

Posted on April 19, 2010


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Defeat, more often than not is an idea in an individual’s mind suggesting to that person that a struggle has already been lost. Such a feeling could be independent of any of the ground realities.

It is precisely this form of defeat, that the Taliban and its regional surrogates are wanting to enforce upon the people of Pakistan by creating fear in their hearts and minds right to the extent of total demographic collapse of our political  and economic systems and our rich and diverse culture.  So far into this war on terror, the spirit, courage and the unity demonstrated by the people gives a firm evidence of the nation’s strong determination in not allowing these terrorist thugs to be successful in imposing their nefarious designs over a moderate majority.

The recently organized Karachi Champions League cricket, fashion weeks in Lahore and Karachi, followed by two concerts by the pop-rock outfit Strings in Karachi, one by the band Call in Lahore, one by Ali Azmat in Islamabad, along with the Hamara Karachi festival and the Shanakht festival, clearly suggest that most Pakistanis still believe that the show must go on. It is encouraging to see that most Pakistanis believe that by shutting the doors on cultural activities, entertainment and sports would only ensure victory for the terrorists who have time and again demonstrated their capability and interests in attacking the many symbols of our dynamic way of life and very diverse culture.

Activities such as pop-music have long been known as the harbingers of opportunities for those Pakistanis who have wanted to creatively express themselves and then inspire millions nationally and internationally with their artistic brilliance. In these difficult times,  Pakistan’s middle and elite class should come forward and do all what it can financially and otherwise, to nurture and support the local arts and entertainment industries, as they could play an important role in uniting the nation for the cause of beating back the scourge of terrorism. A strong entertainment industry can also help the country’s middle and elite classes to show the world a softer and more likeable image of Pakistan.

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